The site menu keeps growing, and I hope it’s to your taste. Following the Logs section, which will be home mostly to lists of unimportant technicalities, I’ve now added the far more interesting Resources page, where I’ll upload useful little self-contained thingies, starting with the D&D Combat Cheat Sheet I just made.* I’ll probably also list stuff like the Bureaucracy Elemental stat block or the Poison Claw there. And more D&D stuff is on the horizon; I’m running a one-shot this afternoon that I think could be suitable for publishing. That being said, the resources don’t need to be purely TTRPG. I’m hoping I’ll have helpful assets to share for other areas as well at some point.

* It’s a compressed single-page version of the PHB section about actions in combat. Not nearly as exhaustive as e.g. Cryptocartographer’s famous two-page player reference, but less dense and could thus prove useful when running a game for new players.

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