For completed projects, see Bibliography & Prizes. For released games in particular, see

Current / Planned Projects

  1. A lighthearted, trashy detective novel for adults where the protagonist is not traumatized
  2. Colors of Magic: A tiny supplement for D&D 5e about magical auras
  3. Breaking Changes: A small 2d6-based pen & paper system about agile software development and eldritch technology
  4. Fallen Harvest: An eerie mystery one-shot adventure for D&D 5e
  5. A 2v2 board game about billionaires and their yachts
  6. A cooperative word game that feels like a fantasy RPG
  7. A system-agnostic session zero template, perhaps interactively configurable
  8. A fantasy battle royale dungeon raiding board game
  9. Combo: A teamwork-focused science fiction roleplaying system for West Marches-like campaigns
  10. A science fiction novel posing as a fantasy novel

Paused / Abandoned Projects

  • A supplement for D&D 5e making wild magic available to every spellcasting class and providing more exciting surge options – Would have to be slimmed down quite a bit. I saw this on DMsGuild and I haven’t read it but I bet it does what I wanted to do, and better.
  • Light Pollution: A visual novel-style video game about a young man living on the moon, investigating the recent death of his father – This was a collab attempt from way back. I got stuck with the writing, and we were a little too ambitious with the rest of it as well. Might try again at some point.