Bibliography & Prizes

Things I’ve written that (could) have been recognized by “the public” in some way. It’s not much, but sometimes it’s nice to remember that I’ve not just been sitting on my ass.


Short story “Echo” published in anthology “Verspätet – Fantastische Reisen durch die Zeit” by TinyTusk.

Eleven fantastical short stories (GER) centered around exciting spins on the concept of time travel.

Limited print edition available via the publisher’s website. E-book available on all common platforms.


D&D adventure “The Horrors of Frostbite Isle” in support of Child’s Play Charity published on DMsGuild.

A Wild West Winter Survival adventure (ENG) for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. For details, click here.

Available on DMsGuild (affiliate link), currently rated five stars. Proceeds go to Child’s Play Charity.


Built this website.

Writing, game design, art, juicy personal details and pseudo-philosophical ponderings; is where all the threads are spun into one yarn.

You’re reading it as we speak. It’s great, isn’t it?


Stage play “Frankensteins Schöpfung” co-written with Michael Jansky & based on the novel “Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus” by Mary Shelley premiered at the Theater Ensemble Würzburg.

It ran for a month, garnering mostly favorable reviews. The script is unpublished as of yet.

Co-founded the writing collective “Die Idee” with the strangely talented and utterly elusive Rattus Rattus (a.k.a. Mona Dahl a.k.a. C. G. Salis).

We have since been joined by our dear friend R. P. Mistelzweyg. My pieces are published under the pseudonym “Der Filialleiter”. Find us all at


Research paper “Early Detection of ERP Indicators for Developmental Dyslexia Using Predictive Analytics” published on Researchgate.

My Bachelor’s Thesis (ENG), which attempts to predict dyslexia in pre-school children using Machine Learning.


Research paper “Modelling and Reasoning about Robot Knowledge with OWL Ontologies” published on Researchgate.

A brief introduction to the OWL2 language (ENG) that has since reached over 700 reads.


Won the Art Society Pfaffenhofen & Schyren-Gymnasium Pfaffenhofen Recension Contest.

Articles about this (GER) are here, here and here. My recension of Roman Ehrlich’s “Das kalte Jahr” can be read here.