Who are you? Why are you?


Hi. I’m Peter Maier, a writer and board game / TTRPG inventor from Germany. I am also a part-time software engineer.

I like to draw and make lists and plans and do martial arts and of course read and play teh video gamez. My partner’s a certified herbalist and a part-time software engineer as well and also the most wonderful person. I like doing life with her.

This blog is about all of that.

There’s some other places you can find me that are more focused on one topic. This here is the epicenter of it all, a wild mixture of ideas, impressions, reviews, workout routines, philosophical musings and the occasional useful roleplaying resource.

Okay, but what have you actually done?

Alright, jeez. Here’s my bibliography. And here’s an overview over my games and stuff.

Got a short bio? I need it, for reasons.

I love storytelling and creative problem solving. That’s why I write stories and design games besides my day job as a software engineer. I live in Munich, Germany with my partner, less than an hour by train from the farm where I was raised, and where I could always find hidden worlds within shelves stuffed with books and board games.

Me, the way I talk all the time

Now gimme a fun fact about you. Quick!

I was born in 1996, the same year that Linkin Park was founded. Does that count?

It will do.