About Me and This and possibly You


Hi. I’m Peter, and this is – or will be – a place where I share some of my ideas, fragments, and projects.

Here’s some other places you can find me.

Who’s this guy anyway?

A huge nerd, wannabe author and self-proclaimed next big thing. Born in ’96, which is kinda cool, because that’s the year Linkin Park was founded. I’m from Germany (don’t worry, this site will be all in English), and haven’t seen all too many other places yet.

By day (and sometimes by night, as is cliché for my profession), I work as a software engineer for a small-to-medium company that you probably haven’t heard of (it’s iteratec) that develops super specific software solutions for the medium-to-big playuhz that you probably do have heard of. It’s pretty cool stuff, and so far we’ve managed not to sell our souls doing it.

Still, there are things that I’m almost as or even more passionate about than software engineering. Actually, quite a lot of things. THE most prevalent and important one is writing, and it has been for as long as I can remember. And I guess that’s why I’m sitting here right now at half past one on what just stopped being a Sunday night. It’s also why I’m planning to take half a year off the job from August 2021 onward to see what life would be like as a full-time author. If all goes well, you’ll probably be reading about that on here.

Further interests include but are not limited to D&D (been playing for less than two years but am deeply in love with it, and currently developing my own little supplement), music (24/7 Spotify addict, used to be a huge hip hop nerd and even drop my own sick rhymez yo), art (on the making rather than the judging side), and self-management (it’s all on-off love-hate with this one). I might also write about topics like medicine or psychology or usability or anything else that comes my way. Expect the unexpected.