New Life, Round Two

Eleven months and a day ago, I first experimented with an impressively productive daily routine of my own design. It lasted for three blessed weeks before it was crushed by the inevitable irregularities of life. The second half of 2021 featured even more of those, and even after the end of my sabbatical on January 31st, it has somehow taken me fourteen days and a few half-hearted attempts to get my routine back up and running.

Anyway, now it is back, and it’s better. Than. Ever. I tweaked a few details and it feels even more rounded now. And I’m not saying this lightly; I’m on the third day and the routine is already being heavily stress-tested. I strained my back during my first workout on Monday, having to swap the one on Tuesday for a good long stretching – which I had to do far later than intended as I worked about eleven hours instead of eight. I did the same today, even though I’d planned to leave early and work on a writing project.

Still, I feel way better and more awake than I did the weekend before, which saw me at a pretty devastating, soul-sucking low. Is that what it took for me to pull myself together? I’m not sure. What I’m sure of is that this advanced version of my routine kicks ass, and that it will last me as long as I’m willing to feed it with discipline. I furthermore assume that it could be worth sharing.

I’m not gonna elaborate in as much detail as last time – partly because not that much has changed, partly because it’s already past my bedtime. Instead, I’ll make a timetable. One that is, hopefully, less cryptic than the one I have printed out for myself. Here it goes:

This is the God I worship

As you can see, I’ve made some more time for sleep – a full eight hours now! Even if I’m late, like today, I’ll probably still get, idk, six and some change? I’ve also allocated a little more time for the morning routine, mainly for intermittent yawning and staring off into space while I get ready for work.

Speaking of work – as of now, it’s almost exclusively software engineering, but, as I alluded to in my previous post, there are plans to make more room for writing and TTRPG projects.*

Of course, as with the first version, the further a given day progresses, the less I adhere to my plan. Right now, all the fancy evening activities are being replaced by either my current writing projects (they’re the kind that come with deadlines), or by excessive overtime (still adjusting to my new project at work). I just try to make sure that I get my post-work workout at some point before going to bed.

Which is where I should be heading now…

In closing, I’m aware that this plan – the UNBREAKABLE MACHINERY, as I lovingly call it – will have to keep adapting to my circumstances. I foresee with agony the time when I’ll have to board a train every other morning to get to the office again… but it’s not called the immutable machinery. In fact, it’s unbreakable because it bends instead.** At least that’s the plan.

What’s yours? I’d love to compare notes. If you’re crazy enough to try some variation of mine, tell me how it goes!

* In fact, as of last week, those plans have physically manifested as paperwork. And it’s looking good. Top grade paper. Very durable. 10/10 would fax again.

** Or, as Lao Tzu would say…

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