AS&R 1: Deadbeat Argument

One evening a couple of weeks ago I met up with two of my best friends on Zoom. They’re also of the creative sort and – despite some differences, as exemplified in the above comic – we’ve always vibed with each other artistically and in terms of humor. Humor that we pride ourselves on quite a bit, as any self-respecting clique does.

So I had the glorious idea to turn our banter into a webcomic for the world to enjoy. It might have had to do with me recently having found true love in the form of the Penny Arcade webcomic as well as – and especially – the Downloadable Content podcast. Which you too should consume. Urgently.

Anyways, welcome to Art, Scribe & Richter, or AS&R for short, a comic following the weird conversational tangents of programmer slash writerly type Suzie “Su” Scribe and her friends Bulb Richter (to the left, law student and book owner) and Art Science (to the right, aerospace engineering student and aspiring director).

Art, Bulb and me have been meeting up regularly since that fateful night, and there are already plenty of ideas for further strips. Those will probably come out a little less visually detailed though, as this one took me many a weeknight and almost an entire weekend to colorize. And the result looks kinda crowded, right? Guess I’m still finding the style. That being said, it was fun to overdo it this once, hiding little things in the background for you to discover.

Apropos, there’s a German-English pun in the title for all the bilingual folks out there. But explaining doesn’t make it better and anyway it’s 3am and I should sleep. Good night!

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