WayTooMeta Privacy Policy

Who I am

I am Peter Maier. The website you just viewed, either https://waytoometagames.com or https://waytoometagames.de – they are identical in that they both point to the same content -, is a subpage of my homepage at https://thoughtstrands.com, which you are viewing right now.

All three of these websites are hosted from the same server in Germany, making them subject to the EU GDPR: https://gdpr.eu.

What these websites are for

While all three of the aforementioned sites feature some advertisement for my work, no sales are performed via any of them. The website you viewed is merely a showcase pointing to places where you may obtain my work.

What personal data I collect and why

The websites https://waytoometagames.com and https://waytoometagames.de are entirely static webpages. As such, they do not allow you to enter any personal data.

They also do not make use of cookies, peformance optimization or analytics tools. There is no embedded content from other websites on these pages either, merely links to other websites. In short, I collect no personal data on these websites at all.

Further information

If you have any questions or remarks about this privacy policy, feel free to reach out through the connect page: https://thoughtstrands.com/connect.

If you wish to read the more intricate privacy policy for the website you are currently viewing, https://thoughtstrands.com, you can find it at https://thoughtstrands.com/privacy-policy.